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【4K】Walking at night in Aokigahara forest (no pranks, not scary. ASMR?)

Published on 07 Feb 2020 / In Travel & Events

Not a vlog, no intrusive faces or talking, pure Japan only.
I came to Koyodai camping at 6pm and on the way to onsen I decided to walk through Aokigahara forest (
There was nothing scary here, the point was to show that. Actually most scary thing there was... me, for deer. Not sure if you can hear but I heard like deer run away multiple times. Sorry for heavy breathing sounds, I was most close noise source to the mic and it was very quiet around.

Time 04/07 7pm

Filmed in UltraHD 4K 60p with Lumix GH5 camera, 8-18 f2.8-4 lens and Beholder EC1 stabilizer.
Feel free to correct my English or suggest a video to film.

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