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Angry Guy at Moron

Published on 10 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

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For both Truthers and Normies... the ONLY way we are going to fight this thing is IF you finally recognize that you have power within.

Please PLEASE start working on your issues. This is why it's so easy for the evils to control us, because they have harmed us psychologically for hundreds of years through all sorts of trauma - war, poverty, death, sickness through their poisons, physical and sexual abuse, all sorts of EMFs, RFs, MFs, etc., AND brainwashing and mind control.

Please start releasing your trauma and raise your vibration. They can NOT harm us if our vibration is high and we use our power within. I'll upload more tools as I find them.

Here are 2 very good meditations, and remember to always read my comments in the show notes/description.

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Never give up HOPE because we can resolve this problem if we just stick together, strategize, and follow certain practices.

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OMG, I couldn't stop laughing. Normally I get really angry at people who laugh when someone's in pain or angry, but this guy just made me laugh so hard and I watched it twice. I thought he was going to break his laptop. Poor guy.

I think all the stress for the last 7 months and me wanting him to rip the person on the other end to shreds just came to the surface.

My concern is that he will drop dead of a heart attack.


I'm soooo sick of people feeling sorry for ALL of the morons who believe this scam and who stress me out every day when I meet them in person and today I went out and now on the bus you have to put the F*CKING MASK over your F*CKING NOSE so we can't breathe even further.

Or when they block me online because I speak the truth.

And this for EVERY person who told a friend or family member to F*CK off because they tried to tell them the TRUTH!!!


F*CK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I'm not as spiritually advanced as I need to be AND I DON'T CARE!

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