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Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie appears before MPs

Published on 19 Sep 2020 / In News & Politics

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Yes this is the long interview and I know your time is precious, but I strongly encourage you to watch it 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there until you are finished.

Even if it takes you a month, it's worth the time to watch it, as this is more proof that the voting system is rigged and how we are all brainwashed by the social medic companies, especially Facebook.

Christopher Wylie is the name of the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower.

He talks before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the UK to explain what evidence he had given them at a previous time.

He goes into a fair amount of detail of the time when he worked with all the different factions that are part of this immoral and illegal set of people and companies.

Some of the key points:

1. Some professors at Cambridge University were used to figure out how to manipulate people psychologically. Cambridge has a very robust psychology department.

2. The main people involved in all of these companies were:

a) Alexander Nix
b) Steve Bannon
c) Robert Mercer

3. Here are the two companies involved in creating the software that pushed people to vote one way or another via Facebook.

a) AggregateIQ (AIQ) was the Canadian branch
b) GSR and SCL Group was formerly called the Strategic Communication Laboratories which was a private British behavioral research and strategic communication company.

4. What elections did they fix, and what other things did they do?

a) Brexit in the UK
b) They fixed the elections in Nigeria by showing people online horrific violent images or videos of people burned, killed, etc.
c) They affected the elections in Kenya
d) They worked in Trinidad and Tobago which was their first stab at finding and analyzing data
e) They did deals in Guana

5. Because these immoral people are criminals and have BILLIONS of dollars, money is NOT the motivation behind what they do.

They want to get into politics to control people and countries.

The money made in politics is minimal.

6. They make most of their money on the backend when the election is won.

What happens is the Minister who won the election then owes these criminals for fixing the election. The psychopaths have already brokered a deal with the Minister and an EVIL CORP which could be either American or British.

These EVIL CORPs generally want to move into that country due to lax labor laws, natural resources, a new port that's being developed, etc.

That's when these billionaire criminals get a cut of that deal which is worth a lot of money.

They also make money and obtain power through fake government contracts.

7. The way they flew under the radar with regards to donating to politicians was to create different companies all over the world.

Then Mercer would put a lot of money into these companies, create less expensive fake invoices to charge to his political candidates, then do a lot more work on their behalf.

8. Christopher Wylie was hired to work with data - It took him a while to come to terms with what was going on and when he realized that Trump got into power because of Cambridge Analytica, he realized what a global impact this could all have.

That's when he decided to come forward.

9. He was threatened many times when he wanted to leave the company.

He had signed not just an NDA, but other legal letters that would silence him FOREVER.

This is WHY there are so few whistleblowers because they are silenced by the corrupt man-made NDA laws or their life is threatened.

Amazingly Cambridge Analytica hasn't threatened him since he came out, but Facebook has since this is where most of the brainwashing was done.

10. Facebook -

a) Facebook "claims" that all of these EVIL companies have YOUR consent to advertise or grab your data.

b) A Facebook test was done - when the person sitting next to Christopher on this panel tried to find out WHO had his information, Facebook made it VERY difficult to get that list.

Then when he finally saw the list, he knew that he had NOT given his consent to a lot of these advertisers.

c) Facebook also ONLY lets you see 8 weeks of information at a time. Their own software blocks you from seeing who has your information or data.

d) Facebook argues that it's too hard to give you the data on who has your information, that it would cost too much.

They argue that they are too big to comply with the law, therefore they shouldn't have to.

YET, they obviously have no problem using our data to sell to advertisers or the government. They allow advertisers to have access to our information for a year vs giving us only 8 weeks worth of access.

e) Of course Facebook hid what was going on, and when the story was about to break with "The Guardian," they threatened the Guardian with legal action.

11. Other facts:

a) People involved in the Nigerian plot are now working in the British government.

b) The EU cares WAY more about data safety than the US does.

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