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Constantine the Great versus Theodosius I

Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

Constantine the Great was awesome!
Born in the british noble house of Constantinius Chlorus and Saint Helen.
Theodosivs I. actually was the Heathen killer! Theodosivs I. actually declared Christianity the Imperial Roman Church which was actually UNHOLY and his ""church"" mirrors the medieval UNHOLY church of Pope Innozenz, Simon de Montfort, Cesare Borja and his father Pope Alexander II., Medici, Loyola, Jesuits, Illuminati... THINK OF THIS! It was not Constantine who corrupted the old catholic Church! Christianity was found in 37 A.D. in WALES by the Holy Family of Joseph of Arimathea! The whole Arthurian lineage descends from Joseph´s family of King David!

Video made by Wildflower Monicca Graphics & Photography & Hidden History via

Sources: Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett, David Alan Ritchie (, Edmund Marriage

Music via youtube Audiobibliothek

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