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Coronavirus: 31 dead in Quebec | Trudeau above wearing masks

John Irwin
Published on 15 Apr 2020 / In News & Politics

My take on the past week's Leadership follies on the "Beer Bug" issues. The PM's terrible speech, 31 Dead in Quebec due to negligence and the fines that Canadians are getting for not "social distancing".

#TrudeauMustGo #coronavirus #ChinaVirus #ClearTheBlockades #endthelockdown #hydrochloroquine
Press for Truth- https://youtu.be/fCMEku1_jSc
31 Dead in Quebec-https://globalnews.ca/news/680....7585/coronavirus-dor
Frank P Vaughn-https://www.frankvaughan.ca/re....d-alert-fpv-180-the-
Military using "Pronouns"-https://www.westernstandardonl....ine.com/2020/04/yes-
Fines for being"Outside": https://oakvillenews.org/oakvi....lle-dad-fined-800-fo
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helene paul
helene paul 4 months ago

I recovered, but they weren't calling it covid. They were experimenting with 5G. Its painful as hell, and I thought I was going to die. I am thankful to the person who saved me from death (myself). I'm not the only one that I know of.

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helene paul
helene paul 4 months ago

I get a lot more info from activists than I do from other media outlets, whether professional (hmm hmm) or amateur.

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