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Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE

Published on 28 Dec 2020 / In Health

⁣Spread this far and WIDE. If this doesn't wake your friends and family up, then they are under DEEP mind control and only someone who specializes in unbrainwashing cult worshipers can help them.

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Ashley Moncrief
Ashley Moncrief 4 days ago

Thank you for this video. Appreciate the unity against the mainstream narrative

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mogel007 6 days ago

Rob: Professor Cahill is an immunologist. So Rob, you didn't do your homework. Relisten to the video and lIsten closely to Professor Cahills testimony. Maybe you can just admit that you are sending out false information by saying there were no immunologists in this video? YOU ARE JUST TOTALLY MISTAKEN AND WRONG IN YOUR OWN ASSERTION AND CONCLUSION. NOW DON'T YOU FEEL STUPID NOW? ROB, AGAIN SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!

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mogel007 6 days ago

Rob: You must be a government or drug company plant to discredit the degrees of all these doctors who have had experience with COVID. Rob, shame on you! If an immunologist spoke on the subject you would probably discredit that person too with your silly rhetoric. There are immunologists that have spoken on the subject & they say the same thing, the vaccines are posion. Do you need to be a immunologist to know that there is no pandemic by seeing that deaths for 2020 aren't any different from 2019? Course not. Do you have to be an immunologist to know that the test for Covid is not reliable and produces false positives? Course not. The originator of the Covid test said it shouldn't be used as it's being used. Who's a better authority on the subject than the originator of the process THAT CONDEMS IT FOR IT'S USE TO TEST PEOPLE? Stop being stupid Rob., is that too much to ask?

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Rob 8 days ago

Taking this video at face value there are:
20 Medical Doctors
2 Journalists
A Molecular Biologist
A Neurologist
A General Practitioner
A Pharmacist
A Physician
A Chiropractor Physician
A Retired Nurse
A Holistic Dentist
A Natural Nurse (Not Medical)
A Metaphysicist (Not Medical)
A Acupuncturist (Not Medical)
The title of somebody who studies viruses is:
Virologist, this video contains zero.
The title of somebody who studies diseases is:
Epidemiologist, this video contains zero.
The title of somebody who studies vaccines is:
Immunologist, this video contains zero.

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Glink 5 days ago

what exactly is your point?

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Pickles_47 10 days ago

It has been reported that several healthy young women who were in the early test group for the vaccine developed Bell's palsy.

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OurFreeSociety 8 days ago

@Pickles - correct. You can watch my video re: one of them - https://ourfreesociety.com/Vaccine-Injury-#1 - I won't be uploading here much anymore & you can watch my video on why on the channel. Thank you for commenting.

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