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Dr Bodo Schiffmann Reports 3 Child Deaths in 1 Week in Germany Due to Masks

Published on 13 Dec 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

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For both Truthers and Normies... the ONLY way we are going to fight this thing is IF you finally recognize that you have power within.

Please PLEASE start working on your issues. This is why it's so easy for the evils to control us, because they have harmed us psychologically for hundreds of years through all sorts of trauma - war, poverty, death, sickness through their poisons, physical and sexual abuse, all sorts of EMFs, RFs, MFs, etc., AND brainwashing and mind control.

Please start releasing your trauma and raise your vibration and learn how to use the occult to protect yourself from these evils.

I'm starting to learn about that now.

They can NOT harm us if our vibration is high and we use our power within. I'll upload more tools as I find them.

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See how hard it is to find evidence that the masks are killing people?

I only heard about this from someone's FB timeline.

As much as we bitch and complain about fakebook, I get most of my real live videos from there.

Meaning, people take live videos as something is happening and they upload it THERE, nowhere else.

His video isn't from FB, but another video led me to him indirectly.

I'll upload his over videos about the 3 kids who died as I have time.

Just KILLS me how people are soooo stupid demanding these TOXIC masks.

Here's the original video - ⁣https://vimeo.com/469344201

⁣Notes from the video:

The Karlsruhe Public Prosecutor's Office has ordered new investigations to be carried out after the death of a student on a school bus in Sudpfalz.

Further investigations after the death of a student in Jockgrim

Jockgrim/Germersheim (lk) - The public prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe has ordered further investigations after the sudden death of a schoolgirl in a school bus in the Southern Palatinate. This was reported by SWR. Last week, the 13-year-old girl collapsed in a school bus near Jockgrim and died a little later in a Karlsruhe hospital.

Weitere Untersuchungen nach Tod einer Schilerin in Jockgrim

Article link:


The second video - ⁣https://video.canund.com/v/YF2BKm
The third video - ⁣https://video.canund.com/v/wsn4SU

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