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Dr Bodo Schiffmann - Update on 3rd Child Who Allegedly Died by Mask

Published on 13 Dec 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

Short update. The government is hiding the details of what happened.

⁣The Karlsruhe Public Prosecutor's Office has ordered new investigations to be carried out after the death of a student on a school bus in Sudpfalz.

Further investigations after the death of a student in Jockgrim

Jockgrim/Germersheim (lk) - The public prosecutor's office in Karlsruhe has ordered further investigations after the sudden death of a schoolgirl in a school bus in the Southern Palatinate. This was reported by SWR. Last week, the 13-year-old girl collapsed in a school bus near Jockgrim and died a little later in a Karlsruhe hospital.

Weitere Untersuchungen nach Tod einer Schilerin in Jockgrim

Article link:

Link to first video - ⁣https://video.canund.com/v/xczeeD
Link to third video - ⁣https://video.canund.com/v/wsn4SU

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