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Dr Marys Monkey - How Polio was tainted by a cancer virus

Published on 19 Sep 2020 / In Health

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Thank you to Coast to Coast AM https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCVmlEoDSeImXV5aPz

for this engaging interview with Edward T. Haslam who wrote the book, "Dr. Mary's Monkey"

You can find the book here on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2wdHuhJ or at his site on

This is a very good interview done back in 2010 detailing how the polio vaccine was tainted by a cancer virus which then lead to people getting cancer. Of course, some people also got polio from the vaccine.

Towards the end, almost word for word Edward describes how people reacted then towards polio which also wasn't a life threatening virus, but the government and mainstream media even then spewed their fear porn to control the masses.

This is exactly how people are reacting today towards this flu called the coronavirus (covid 19) and because of that, all of humanity worldwide is now at risk for extinction.

I say this because everything has shut down and the evils are moving forward with their Agenda 21 plan and the masses want this.

Humanity will now become transhumanism if they haven't already been killed by their vac.cine and 5G prior.

You can watch that video here - https://youtu.be/jXaBO_ZNvdc

In the story of Dr. Mary's Monkey, there's even a web of mystery with Fidel Castro, a brilliant teenager and Lee Harvey Oswald.

I highly recommend you spend the time to listen to this video. You don't need to watch it, just listen. If you think that all vaccines are safe (or any for that matter), you need to understand what these people are capable of and what they have done in the past.


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