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Dyslexia Font | Fonts 4 Dyslexia: Best Dyslexia Software for Reading and Writing

Published on 11 Feb 2020 / In Film & Animation

Dyslexic children can spend the majority of their early school years in struggle and frustration. The shame that comes with dyslexia can often lead to late diagnosis and even behavioral issues. Acting out in the classroom or at home is not uncommon. However, addressing these symptoms won’t resolve the underlying cause. Visit us at http://[a][a]www.Fonts4Dyslexia.com[/a][/a] and learn more.

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In spite of these challenges, a child with dyslexia who is given the proper tools, support, and guidance can blossom into a passionate and engaged student. Luckily, looking for solutions to academic frustrations does not have to be overwhelming. Created by nationally acclaimed educational software organization Downhill Publishing, Fonts 4 Dyslexia is a specially designed font capsule collection for children with dyslexia and other special needs students. This functional and friendly font is designed to simplify life for kids with dyslexia and facilitate reading and writing.

There are no dyslexia font standards in place at this time, which is why Fonts 4 Dyslexia is leading the pack in presenting revolutionary type to educators, parents, and students. Each letter within the collection has been redesigned to showcase its own unique form using best practices for dyslexic readers. This includes use of sans serif font, larger character size, increased spacing around letters and between words, and a wider a baseline. The aim of Fonts 4 Dyslexia is to facilitate ease of reading and writing for school age children.

Can a Simple Font Help With Reading?
Not every dyslexic is the same, and not every dyslexic student struggles with the same pattern of difficulties. Reading, spelling, sequencing, handwriting, and even speech problems can all be symptoms. In fact, dyslexia can be a problem for the brightest of kids, as all too many parents who have seen their intelligent children struggling can attest to. In particular, dyslexia fonts may help with the following traits:

Transposing letters and syllables
Misuse of punctuation marks
Letter rotation and inversion
Movement of characters while reading
… and more

Downhill Publishing LLC
While frustration will always exist in school, research has shown that students using fonts for dyslexia may read faster, more clearly, and with fewer errors. These positive results, when combined with traditional tutoring and classroom adaptations, can help a child to not only survive in the classroom but to thrive as well.

Choose the Right Level
Traditional fonts are designed from a purely aesthetic standpoint. Fonts 4 Dyslexia is a combination of function and form, and while each character is aesthetically pleasing, the overall design was created to deliver optimal reading comfort.

You can get dyslexia typeface and dyslexia coloured paper for dyslexic people.

There are three categories: EZ Read (2 fonts), EZ Write (10 fonts), and EZ Brain-Games (five fonts). Like many free and open fonts, each package is quick and easy to install and can be easily displayed on websites or in print. By helping students with their reading and writing comprehension, there may be an overall advancement in other areas of school work.

Visit us at [a]www.Fonts4Dyslexia.com[/a]

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About Down Hill Publishing
Founded in 1998, Downhill Publishing was created by a former classroom teacher to give teachers, administrators, parents, and students the tools needed to achieve daily classroom success. Their range includes the nationally recognized Fonts 4 Teachers and Fonts 4 Dyslexia, as well as various additional educational programs designed with educators and families in mind. With Fonts 4 Dyslexia Downhill Publishing hopes to create a reading culture

The best dyslexia friendly font with dyslexia test 

With awards such as 1990s “Teacher of the Year” for Desert Sands Unified School District (CA) to his name and over 20 years in classroom education, founder Ramon Abajo has constructed a balance between the creative and the technical.

Visit us at [a]www.Fonts4Dyslexia.com[/a] to find a very good font dyslexia 

Recently, the Fonts 4 Teachers program was licensed to ICON Group International with plans to develop e-books in three continents: Africa, Asia, and Latin America. There are also further plans to release print and e-books in various world languages.

Read more about dyslexia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyslexia

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