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Fuck em

Published on 07 Feb 2020 / In News & Politics

Fuck social justice warriors, fuck all marxists, socialists, communists, aka marsocoms, fuck feminisists, fuck muslims, fuck islamsits, fuck sharia, fuck koran, fuck slavers, fuck sex trafficers, fuck sex slavers, fuck drug cartels, fuck political cartels, fuck all enslavers, fuck freedom-haters, fuck liberty-haters, fuck narcopaths aka narcissists-sociopaths, fuck psychopaths, fuck religion, fuck religionists, fuck slavery in every forms, fuck the military juntas, fuck the jihadists morons, fuck the middle east, fuck the boko morons, fuck africa, fuck all the fuckers who ruins this planet, and fuck those who wants to destroy Western Civilisation that PURE CHRISTIANITY BUILT with love, kindness, etc so fuck those who bites the hands that fed them, nurtured them, helps them become free so they can achieve happiness without slavery and shits but yep, they prefers slavery and shits, so whatever, we're DONE WITH THEM, dont' come back crying to ask us to protect you slaves, morons. FUCK THIS PLANET. Fuck 'em! Oh yes, FUCK ALL WHO HATES CAPITALISM WHICH GIVES US MEANS TO LIFT OURSELVES FROM POVERTY, IDIOTS! NOTHING ELSE GIVES US THIS MEANS, MORONS. Dumbos. Go live in a socialist country if you don't like capitalist countries! Why go live in USA or ANY WESTERN COUNTRY WHEN YOU PREFERS SOCIALISM? IDIOTS!!!!!

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