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Did A Man With Dementia Just Start World War 3?
27 Feb 2021
Did A Man With Dementia Just Start World War 3?
Hostile Takeover · 7 Views

Ken Cousens The History of the World System, Pando Populus Conference 2015


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So I'd heard about Ken Cousens a few years back, but never watched the entire video.

I knew his information was crucial during this war, so I just watched it again so I could upload it quickly.

Once again it confirms they have been lying to us and playing games with us for thousands of years.

He knows the law probably better than anyone else we would talk to.

Unfortunately as nice as a guy he appears to be, his public speaking skills and memory made things very confusing for me while watching and taking notes. If you want my notes, just reach out and I'll send you the link.

I don't doubt that he knows what he's talking about and I wonder what he would say now given the circumstances.

I've heard some of what he said before from others, so I'm wondering if most of these people learned it from him.

My point is, I believe his information to be true because I've heard it several times before, but you do need to be careful, as everyone thinks they can detach from the evil system we are in and then they end up getting themselves into trouble.

I've been saying for months now that we are slaves.

I ignored the fact that we were slaves prior to the scamdemic, as who wants to use that word to describe themselves, but now that we are at obvious war, we should no longer HOLD BACK.

And he confirmed it.

It's depressing information, but we have to know it because any fighting back has to be done with all the knowledge.

Please comment or reach out to me privately if you wish to talk further and if you do contact him, please let me know what happened.

I hate the law and legalize, but now is NOT THE time to be chicken about this. Our lives and humanity are at stake.

He doesn't appear to be on social media at all.

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Did A Man With Dementia Just Start World War 3?
27 Feb 2021
Did A Man With Dementia Just Start World War 3?
Hostile Takeover · 7 Views