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Larry Nichols Finally Reveals the Battle Plan to Back Trump Up #MAGA #NeverSocialism

Hostile Takeover
Published on 08 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

⁣Larry Nichols -Official Channel
Larry Nichols Finally Reveals the Battle Plan to Back Trump Up #MAGA #NeverSocialismHe needs your help.Please show you are willing to STAND UP and FIGHT. When Larry needs an army of patriots that he will call upon to help save our country when the time is right. He will need people making phone calls to our Congress and Senator with a short script that is now on the website Please show him you are there. He has asked that you send something, even just 1 dollar to show him you're in. Please send more if you can.Paypal: nicholslive@aol.comYou can also donate to his gofundme: go to the website:nicholslive.comThanks so much to those that were able to donate to help Larry!This is a CALL to ACTION that you can do to help President Trump and save our country. Larry explains on this recording what you should do. Step 1: He asks that you contact the White House, however, due to the partial government shutdown, they are not answering calls. So instead tweet to @realDonaldTrump, or leave a message on his Facebook if you don't use Twitter, or send an email from the website with these instructions:Say only this: "Go Trump go! Build that wall! Don't stop!" Then hang up without engaging in any conversation. Do this every 2 hours.Step 2: Call the Representative of your District, both local and national and say "Build that wall or we will send you home." Then hang up immediately, do not engage in any conversation.Please DONATE to support Larry as he is fighting behind the scenes to Save America. He needs urgent help everyday to keep everything running! Any amount you can spare is appreciated! Paypal: NicholsLive@aol.comYou can also donate to his gofundme: so much to those that were able to donate to help Larry!Larry also has a new CD out called "In My Life" for only $19.95 on his website at . You can buy it now or other merchandise . Listen to a preview here: Nichols pleads for us to STAND UP and act like the Americans we are supposed to be. TAKE ACTION and ENGAGE. Trump will be impeached in January and we have to stop the deep state. Find out what you can do to help by emailing Go to his website: for information on joining his team and the conference calls. Larry has a plan, and he will let you know more about what you can do on the calls. See more information below.Remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBELarry invites you to join with him and his team on his evening conference call M/W/F at 8PM CST/9PM EST to help SAVE our country. 1-712-451-0725 access code 492215#. And if you can, when it's time, only 10 minutes or less per week of your time will be needed to help save the country by making scripted 60 second phone calls. Call and find out how you can help! Yes! You CAN make a difference! Remember to SUBSCRIBE and hit the bell to get alerts. Conference Call: M/W/F 1-712-451-0725 access code 492215# 8PM CST/9PM ESTPaypal: nicholslive@aol.comhttp://NicholsLive.comAND/ORFor more info, send an email to And/Or go to There is much you can do to help with little effort.Buy Larry's book "28 Years To Nowhere": Call: M/W/F 1-712-451-0725 access code 492215# 8PM CST/9PM EST©2018 Larry Nichols -Official Channel, all rights reserved

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