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News Media is lying about numbers of people waiting in lines for Wuhan virus

Published on 05 Apr 2020 / In Film & Animation

The news media is telling us that hospitals are being overwhelmed with numbers of people seeking treatment or tests from Wuhan virus. Citizens are going out and filming empty lines and empty hospitals.
In some cases, there will be a news story of a particular hospital being overwhelmed, or with there being long lines. A citizen reporter then goes out the next day to that very hospital, the exact spot where the hysteria report was filmed, and nobody's there, and the hospital is empty.
In some cases, the police or hospital security or personnel will attempt to stop the people from filming. Why? What are they hiding?
What's going on? The media is lying? Have you ever considered that with other issues, that the news media isn't news at all, but propagandists for the radical left? Why should we believe them now all of a sudden?

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