[Rant] The Decline of the Ben Shapiro Show

Warm Potato
Published on 09 Jan 2020 / In News & Politics

The Decline of the Ben Shapiro Show is crystal clear. Too much time spent on advertising, not enough time spent on the news. In episode 357 for example, there was 14 minutes of substantive news coverage in total. Everything else was advertisements and other nonsense that didn't inform anyone of anything. Ben Shapiro is trying to bring in more democrats to his audience, he's being so kind and cordial to democrats, telling them constantly how to defeat Republicans - hoping his podcast will grow in popularity. Ben Shapiro, is being motivated by money. Four ad spots a show, followed by mailbag and promoting other Dailywire shows that NOBODY CARES ABOUT. With a million subscribers, you're barely able to scrape together 5 thousand views on some of your videos and you already know why - because they're a waste of time! Provide value to the consumers or they will leave! #BenShapiro #Dailywire

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Warm Potato
Warm Potato 11 months ago

My first ever dislike! :O

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