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Rob Hustle OFFICIAL Call the Cops

Published on 09 Oct 2020 / In Music

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A while ago Rob said I could post this on my channel and I'm just getting around to it now. Here is his channel -

While he never had to deal with cops like that, years ago he started to hear that others were being abused by cops, which is when he decided to investigate and then at great risk to himself, took a stand by posting a music video.

I'll upload his second video as well.

These are both from a few years ago and YT is stopping them from being seen. I can already see that.

Make note that it's NOT just black people who are abused by cops, although they are in the majority, it's generally blacks, Hispanics and poor people, but I've come across a middle class young man who was also targeted. and it ruined his entire life and he never went to college after that. His link is on my site.

If you want to see all of the stories of how the cop (police) plant evidence, beat innocent people, rape, kidnap and even kill innocent people, I recommend going to "The Free Thought Project site here -

Warning - Do NOT read it while you are eating or have just eaten.

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