Sacha Stone in conversation with Bibi Bacchus

Published on 12 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

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This video can get taken down at any time, so I decided to upload it to my channel.

The entire video was produced and led by Sasha Stone. All credit should be given to them.

Sasha goes after the interesting subjects to interview...

He interviewed Bibi Bacchus who studied international UCC law for 7+ years because she was kidnapped and forced to live in prison for a crime she never committed.

She was a successful real estate agent. Her and her family had worked very hard, saved money, her kids went to Uni, and she never ever committed a crime, so this was a real stressful trauma in her life.

They had accused her of laundering money for a drug dealer she sold a property to.

Something just wasn't right considering they could see by her bank statements that she didn't launder money, even the bank loan officer testified on her behalf.

Of course after her attorney promised her (guaranteed) she would never face jail time, she STILL ended up in prison.

So her main goal for the time she was locked up in a cage, was to search for the reason WHY she lost in court.

The information she learned was so disturbing, she felt the need to tell her story and educate others on the truth about what is really going on in the American court systems.

Almost no one knows this information.

I've known some facts for a while now, but I'm still learning how we have to conduct ourselves in court, because it's not the way you imagine.

Take notes...

You will be shocked that everything you thought you knew about the American government and her legal system was a lie.

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