Sean Parker, Chamath Palihapitiya Facebook is Ripping Apart Society

Published on 09 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

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Mirroring this from Ewafa -

This was the best part of this interview I could find that had good volume and especially had Sean Parker in it.

He either slips up or intentionally admits that there was more than one person who invented Facebook.

I'll see if I can upload the interview with the REAL programmer who created Facebook. Supposedly Zuckerberg (they say this isn't his real name) stole the code from him.

This short video is all about the brainwashing that goes into Facebook and then, of course, all the other social media platforms.

How it tears society apart, but I don't think it's just Facebook.

I was addicted to the Internet long before Facebook became popular.

And remember, the US government created Facebook. Zuckerberg is just the face of it.

The evils entire goal is to TEAR humanity apart. Just one more reason they created Facebook and have us imprisoned in our homes.

In closing, I strongly feel that Chamath Palihapitiya (the Indian guy in the video) went in front of the camera to do damage control in regards to Facebook. Watch my Cambridge Analytica video to understand why.

I watched another video where he talks about Facebook's responsibility towards truth. This was a few years ago right around the time that Facebook started shutting down truthers' Facebook pages and deciding what you can and can't see.

I also saw another video with him several months ago where he admitted that he WANTS to be a part of the evil cult. He gave altruistic reasons for wanting to be a part of it, but it was clear to me he lusts after it. He was literally getting a hard on talking about it.

He's already rubbed shoulders with other billionaires as he's a billionaire himself.

I don't trust him.

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