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Sex is Meaningless!

Warm Potato
Published on 23 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs


SEX IS MEANINGLESS IN 2018! Long ago we had to build relationships with one another, now you press some things on your phone - and the sex comes straight to your door! This is why abstinence is going to make a comeback! The world is far too casual about sex and everyone is becoming the town bike! Now we got MGTOWS and PUA's coming out saying "Sex robots cost less than dating" - and they have a point ONLY because our society has been fooled into pursuing relationships soley for sex! If sex is all you have to offer, you're screwed! Grow a personality and MAYBE you'll have a chance at love - except no one wants herpes you town bike! Abstinence is the one true way, there is no counterargument! The Abstinence New World Order has come, the future is now! Go NoFap today!

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I would but the video would be taken down...


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