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Stop the common Cold or Flu virus with hydrogen peroxide

Published on 09 Feb 2020 / In Film & Animation

This has been working for me for years or even reducing the effects of the cold or flue.
you fill up each ear with Hydrogen peroxide 3% for 5 min and let it bubble away then drain it.

Can hydrogen peroxide in each ear help to ward off the cold and flu?


I first read about this 10+ years ago. I'm sure it was on Dr. Mercola's website.

Over the last decade, I have discussed this advice and encouraged many of my patients to give it a try. I have gotten some amazing feedback. It's harmless and well worth the effort when you feel the beginning surges of the dreaded cold or flu.

Here is a paragraph that I found on Dr. Mercola's site that explains it a little better. Remember this is not for an earache, but rather to get to the source of the portal of entry.

"In 1928 Richard Simmons, M.D. hypothesized that colds and flu virus enter through the ear canal. His findings were dismissed by the medical community. According to Dr. Simmons, contrary to what you may think or have been taught about how you catch the flu or the cold there is only one way that you can catch the two, and that's via the ear canal not through the eyes or nose or mouth as most have believed."

Do you remember how there is that window when you are 'getting' the cold and there is nothing stopping it!

If you go to your doctor there is not much they can do. A cold or flu is caused by a virus and therefore antibiotics will not be effective. You can take over the counter products to relieve the suffering. But a beating is coming your way, and you just have to step up, or lie down, and take your lumps.

Here is something you can try. Plus I have a bonus idea for you at the bottom too.

Get the regular H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide (3% is the most common) at your local store. Lie down on your side and put some in the first ear and get enough inside so it feels like it "hit bottom" if you know what I mean. It will fizzle. You will hear it, too. It may sting a little. It's pretty loud.

Wait 5-10 minutes. Then drain into a tissue, or jump up and down with your head tilted to clear the ear.

Now repeat on the other side.

This can be done 3 times per day for the first 3 days.

Sometimes it stings a little, but let the peroxide stay in the ear until at least 5 minutes has elapsed.

It really works well. Please leave your feedback and let me know.

Now the bonus.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Take 2 Tablespoons in 8oz. of water. This must be the brown cloudy vinegar, not the clear white. Sip it slow. Don't chug it down. You can add a little raw organic honey to sweeten it to taste if you can't stand the tart taste of the drink.

You can even make a stronger dilution in bad cases. 4 Tablespoons in 8oz. of water.

Drink one of these 3 times per day. Every day. It makes a great daily tonic and has many uses which I will cover in future posts. I have been using this for most of my adult life. Please share any ACV stories.

Dr. Doug Willen, is a NYC based Chiropractor and Nutritionist in the Midtown area. He specializes in "natural solutions to chronic health issues", ranging from weight loss, chronic pain to digestive issues and natural hormone balance.

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