Swiss Cardiologist Was ARRESTED For Disagreeing With Covid-19 Lockdown and Exposing Flawed PCR Test!

Published on 07 Nov 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

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Despite this doctor being allopathic which means he doesn't understand what really causes heart disease and how to treat it naturally, he at least seems to have a fairly good grasp on the psychology and social-emotional issues as it relates to the scamdemic.

And what they did to him when he spoke out in March is deplorable.

He also clearly has a kind heart and cares for all people worldwide.

So when your brain dead normie friends ask you WHY doctors aren't speaking up if the virus isn't really all that bad, show them THIS!!!

All credit goes to The Richie Allen show and you can find the link to the video here - ⁣

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