The Crisis of Science

Published on 12 Sep 2020 / In Health

All credit for this wonderful video on what I consider the showcasing of the fraud of modern day science goes to James Corbett at "The Corbett Report" site.

You can find the link to his text and audio versions here -

My views:

So for much of my life I always felt there was something seriously wrong with science. I never knew why I felt that way and just chalked it up to being poor at it in school, but being someone who believes in spirituality (nothing to do with religion), I later on realized my dislike for science had nothing to do with that.

As I studied spirituality starting in 1992, it suddenly dawned on me in and around 2000, that spirituality and science were very closely related, but the difference is, that synergy was the REAL science, not the fake modern-day science.

I've been studying the truth since 2015, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt based on everything I have learned thus far, that almost all science today is manipulated science.

Science should be about wonder, investigation, growth, and about improving the world. It shouldn't be about harming our Earth and the living creators enhabiting it, but that's what it has come to even dating back to the industrial revolutions.

It has been bought and paid for by the criminals that control the governments and the EVIL CORPS that control our every decision in life from what we buy, to what we use, and how we view the world.

Long gone are the days when intelligent minds really investigated science with an open mind.and didn't let money, power and control dictate their findings, reports or even what they wanted to investigate.

In my opinion it's very sad, and what's even worse, is that so many people today worship science as a religion.

They are so against religion (I don't blame them) and they totally ignore spirituality, that they turn to fraudulent scinece for their answers to life.

They believe everything the mainstream scientific community tells them, they never question anything, and they are unable to even think on their own, let alone use their intuition.

And like James said... "This is the crisis of science."

Please enjoy this video and share over and over again, because people have to learn that modern-day science isn't the real thing.

They MUST stop worshipping the science that harms us and is manipulated by the EVILS.

Even I learned things in this video I didn't know about.

Thank you for watching and enjoy your day...

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