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The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction of America with Rosa Koire

Published on 19 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

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If you are serious about helping save humanity, join our Think Tank by contacting me on my site. We need to work together to not only save us from this war, but also change our world for the best. We can't do it without you.

Never give up HOPE because we can resolve this problem if we just stick together, strategize, and follow certain practices.

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Rosa is a wonderful courageous woman.

I don't agree that government is the way to go, but right now we have a humanitarian crisis on our hands so unless you have a better idea, working to gain the exposure through government and finding out WHAT government is doing to us on behalf of Agenda 21, is crucial.

I loved her first video when I first started studying CV back in March, and this topic of Agenda 21 was raised and she taught me so much.

Now Spiro brought her on, and I learned a bit more.

Like she said, we have NO TIME LEFT PEOPLE!!!

Your job isn't more important than HUMANITY. Your job is to save HUMANITY.

We can only do this TOGETHER.

I'll post the links that Spiro put in his description, as well.

She has flyers that you can print out and hand around or even get someone else to hand them around.


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