Vaccines causing disease and parasites

Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In Health

⁣My heart goes out to Kirsten Leavitt and I hope she is feeling better, because as you can see, there's still cognitive issues due to the poisons they injected into her. And the brain is always the hardest to heal and the evils know this.

I don't think that parasites are the only issue, but they are a big one.

Here is her original link

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helene paul
helene paul 3 months ago

I said this years ago. I found the same and more. I confronted everyone in Health and found evidence the Health services are a criminal depopulation organization.

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OurFreeSociety 3 months ago

@helene paul - I'm glad you are AWAKE. I hope you know the evils at the very top who run the entire world & no, it's NOT only jews although they are many who are involved & some who say they are jews & really aren't.

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