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We will stop the violent overthrow of the Second Amendment by the Virginia Legislature. US and Texas

Published on 13 Feb 2020 / In Film & Animation

I wrote a letter to each member of the VA state legislature, after attending the 1-20-20 Lobby Day rally in Richmond, Virginia, where a number of us from Texas flew a 12'x20' Come And Take It flag near the controlled entrance to the state capitol.
With each letter, I also enclosed a booklet describing in detail the history of the Come And Take It flag, and its relevance to the current attempts at gun control/violations of the Second Amendment.

video of a detailed history of the Come And Take It flag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5cCVsa_TQs

website with a written version of the history of the Come And Take It flag: http://www.comeandtakeit.com/txhist.html


Dear ___,

About a week ago I came back to my home state of Texas from the Jan 20 Virginia Lobby Day rally.

I’m not a VA citizen, so didn’t have a chance to do any lobbying, and besides that, they wouldn’t let me in the gate with my 12’x20’ Come And Take It flag and poles.

So, thought I’d send you a note to open a dialog with you.

Some members of the Virginia state government seem to think that 50% + 1 of them can make any law they please. However, our Constitution is built on the concept of unalienable rights, which means, no majority of any size may infringe on God-given rights.

One of those rights is the “right to keep and bear arms,” which the Constitution says, “shall not be infringed.”

As you probably would agree, assault weapons are “arms.” It follows, then, that they are covered by the Second Amendment.

However, it seems certain members of your government are intent on violating the Second Amendment by infringing on the keeping and bearing of assault weapons, and various accessories for arms.

Some in your assembly are also intent on violating various Constitutional rights of your citizens via “Red Flag” laws.

Tens of thousands of us rallied in Richmond this past weekend to dissuade the anti Second Amendment crowd from such violations.

Unfortunately, it seems the majority of those in control of your state government don’t care about the Constitution, and are intent on forcing their unconstitutional laws on the populace, and intend to do so by violent means.

One question arises: what can stop those members from infringing on the Constitutional rights of their citizens?

1. We can hope they listen to the strong opposition represented by the rally. Consider that those who came are only a small part of those who will stand against violations of the Second Amendment.

2. We can hope that the pro-gun minority of legislators can delay the attempts of the majority to violate the Second Amendment.

3. Failing the above, we can challenge the unconstitutional legislation in the courts, and hope that the courts will intervene. (The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and not the courts, so if the courts contradict the Constitution, the Constitution overrules the courts.)

4. If delaying tactics work at all, perhaps the infringing representatives can be voted out of office when their term expires.

5. If unconstitutional laws are passed in spite of the above, many law enforcement officials, and many lesser magistrates have publicly stated they will not enforce such laws, and they have declared Second Amendment sanctuaries, where the rights of their citizens will be protected from said laws.

But, what if all the above fails, and your majority finds someone to violently enforce their infringement of the Constitution. Then what?

Enter history.
Did you see the big Come And Take It flag on the corner of West Grace Street and 9th Street during the rally?

It is a modernized version of a flag from October 2, 1835 in Texas. The flag was flown with the first shots of the Texas revolution, when Mexican troops were marching to seize a cannon from the Texians in the town of Gonzales. The Texians refused to be disarmed, and the ensuing conflict ended about seven months later with Texas gaining its independence from Mexico. More historical details are in the enclosed booklet.

I would also like to remind you of history which is much closer to Virginia, which you probably know: when British troops marched to seize the cannons, small arms, powder, and shot from Lexington and Concord.
Captain Parker met the British troops on Lexington Green and said famously to the minutemen present: “Stand your ground, don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

Well, as you probably know, the British paid no heed to the minutemen, Major Pitcairn ordered them something like: “Lay down your arms, you ______ rebels, and disperse.”

Perhaps from history you can see that those seeking to confiscate arms were tyrants?
Perhaps from history you can see that those who resisted them were patriots?

Above are several historical incidents where governments used force in attempts to disarm citizens, which the citizens resisted.


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