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Your feces Biosludge in your food and water - Biosludged Full Documentary

Published on 19 Sep 2020 / In Health

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All recognition should be given to Mike Adams from Natural News for this very informative video on the topic of biosludge and how it is killing us.

Just some of his sites are:


and his new YT replacement which is https://www.brighteon.com/

This video is about how the government (the criminals in the EPA) allow the EVIL CORPS to dump their toxic chemical waste into the sewage system.

This then ends up back in our food supply via fertilizer (even organic farms/gardens) and then we eat it. We also shower in it.

And for people who drink tap water or even use it to rinse their mouth when brushing their teeth, we ingest it that way too.

What does it consist of?

It includes toxic drugs, recreational drugs, toxic plastics, hormone disruptors, garbage from labs, you name it.

All of the toxic material goes right back into the water system and is NEVER removed when it comes out of your tap, plus it ends up in the soil or fertilizer they sell in bags in your local Home Depot.

Oh, and on the bags they tell you it's totally eco friendly, organic, etc.

Want to know just one reason why so many people are becoming trans? Men becoming women and women becoming men (even if they aren't trans?)

And this is NOT just an American issue. Even Ottawa University did a study on this. That's in Canada.

I highly recommend you watch this video and share it.

It's just one more WAY they are trying to kill us off. I have a list that keeps growing.

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